Vacation Rental Hilo Hawaii
“You’ll not find lavish hotels or resorts on the eastern side of the island.  This is a place for escape, meditation, nourishment for the soul.  Hotels in Hilo are adequate and B&Bs along the rugged forested area know as Costal Puna provide the basic comforts.  The are just a couple of exception.  One is the Falls at Reed’s Island.  Our home for the first three nights, this extraordinary rental home is nestled in a rainforest just blocks from downtown Hilo.  Originally built by two San Francisco architects as their refuge from the world, the three-bedroom structure runs the length of a ridge centered in a deep river valley.  The decor is elegant simplicity with continuing walls of glass inviting nature’s magnificence into every room.  The window of a large lounge at the end of the building frames a view of land-scaped terraces leading to a tiered
waterfall rhythmically cascading down black lava rocks to the stream below.  Dense vegetation provides the backdrop for impeccably-manicured lawns, stately rows of gigantic palms, enormous elephant ears, mango trees, ferns, and countless varieties of topical flora of vibrant reds and purples, vivid oranges and yellows, and delicate whites.  It is an idyllic setting - a world unto itself where relaxation with friends, family, harmony with nature and quiet introspection are the norm.”   Westlake Magazine February 2007 <>