Luxury Vacation Rental Home Hawaii
Historically home for the Hawaiian was not on the beach, they lived in the valleys where the weather was appealing, inspirational, serene.  Legion has it that Reed’s Island, (original name “Koloiki”) was the play ground of the Alii.  If you are considering a Hawaii beach vacation rental imagine staying in what seems to be deep in a rainforest, but just a mile up river of Hilo Bay, where a Hawaiian King spent his time.  Reed's Island is a Hilo neighborhood where the wealthy built their homes in a bygone era, and it still holds that reputation today.  The Falls at Reed's Island is at the very end of the island's only road, giving it the most prestigious and secluded setting on the island.  The estate occupies two and a quarter acres which allows your senses to take in a multi acre aura of sights, sounds and scents.
The Falls at Reed's Island    "Hilo's Finest Vacation Rental Property"